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Who Gives a Kidney to a Stranger?

Maitri River Productions brings CrowdSource for Life to The Majestic Theater stage in Dallas, Texas on Saturday, September 23, 2023. 

Featuring a cast of non-directed kidney donors… our society’s most extreme altruists… CrowdSource for Life is a storytelling show as rare as its cast.  Our kidney donor cast members will perform monologues telling their real life, first-person experiences with extreme giving.  CrowdSource for Life is a one-time performance which will be recorded before a live audience for the documentary feature film, Abundant.

Coming September, 2023

A Film about the Human Experience of Giving

Abundant is a feature film about the many-faceted act of selfless giving.   This insightful, inspiring documentary will feature live performance content from CrowdSource for Life and it’s cast of living kidney donors.  Commentary from a wide variety of experts in abundance and high-profile activists from the kidney transplant/donation community expounds on how acts of altruism and abundance changes lives.

Gratitude Rewards
A big part of thanks for the abundance of our financial supporters is our Gratitude Rewards program.   The video above details those rewards.  This overview was made while the film was under the development working title CrowdSource for Life,  but your support for Abundant receives the same Gratitude Rewards.  

Coming in 2024

A Travel Television Series about History, Music and Social Progress

Through the Music is a travelouge of discovery, rediscovery and music from transcendent American venues.

Hosted by musicologists and cultural commentators, Through the Music travels to American cities and towns in search of progress and the music that pushes progress forward.  Featuring casual interviews with local experts, authorities and activists, each episode of Through the Music explores the history and the forward trajectory of an American community.  The show pairs that conversation with expertly curated live music performances from an emerging artist playing one of the community’s historic music venues.  We’ll dig deeply into American culture through the music found in these places.

In Development

A Podcast Exploring Stories of Good Citizenship

Citizen Me is a first-person storytelling podcast focused on building cultural empathy.  Using elementary school values, where getting along well is reflected in a “citizenship grade,” Citizen Me is composed of first-person stories about the fifteen qualities of a good citizen.


With humor, poignance and pathos, expertly produced first-person storytelling from diverse communities make up the content of each episode of Citizen Me. This kind of narrative non-fiction connects “your story to mine” and forms a basis for mutual understanding. That’s empathy… the understanding that we are alike, and the reassurance that you are not alone


A Podcast About Cognitive Biases

Nude/Naked is a light-hearted, but serious podcast about aspiring to intelligence.  Picture yourself in the art museum in a room with work featuring an unclothed model.  Why not indulge yourself?  Say you’re in Florence, Italy seeing the sculpture of David by Michelangelo.  Someone near you covers a child’s eyes to hide the naked man from their view.  Another person is moved to tears by the nude masterpiece.  While you are standing there minding your own business, both have heaped their lifetimes of perception onto the artwork in clear, polarized disagreement.


Scratch the surface on those opinions and up comes a series of compounded limiting factors that comprise what we all can disagree is “our culture.”  Nude/Naked opens that door, and looks into popular misconceptions about free thinking, reality, right, wrong and the future of humanity.

In Development

Available Now


Donor Diaries Podcast

CrowdSource for Life producer and noted living kidney donor activist Laurie Lee brings you an interesting insider’s look at the world of living kidney donation in the new kidney donor advocacy podcast series, Donor Diaries.  A great resource for kidney patients and their possible kidney donors.  Learn More

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