Abundant is a documentary series about living kidney donation.  Every year, roughly 8,000 Americans die waiting on a kidney donation that never arrives.  The leading experts agree the only solution to the American kidney deficit is an increase in kidney donation by living donors.  Abundant explores what it will take for America to be abundant about living kidney donation.

More for You Does Not Mean Less for Me

Abundant is an eight-episode documentary television series about abundance.  The subject of the series is living kidney donation.

The Problem

Not enough kidneys are donated each year in America, and roughly 8,000 people die each year waiting on a kidney donation that never arrives.  Not enough kidneys are donated each year through deceased donation as only 3 in 1000 potential deceased kidney donors die in a way that allows donation.  The numbers just don’t work.

Abundant’s Answer

Abundant examines the growing movement to eliminate America’s 100,000 kidney deficit through living kidney donation.  For the first time, expert voices representing all corners of the kidney deficit issue contribute to emphasize the importance of increasing living kidney donation in Abundant’s eight half-hour episodes.  Abundant’s primary narratives also features a rare, in-depth look at individuals and institutions fighting the uphill battle against the growing kidney deficit in the United States.

Unique Content

Abundant explores the decision process to become a living kidney donor.  With rare insight through collaboration with Donor to Donor, Abundant also puts a face on the the living kidney donor.

Important Details

Government Mandate

In July 2019, The Federal Government issued The Executive Order on Advancing American Kidney Health.  Among the mandates, emphasis was placed on supporting living kidney donation. Policy and industry change is only part of the solution. America must become a nation open to living kidney donation to eliminate the deficit.

Living Donation Activists

Al Roth, Ph.D is the McCaw Professor of Economics at Stanford University, and the Gund Professor Emeritus at Harvard  University. He shared the 2012 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics for his work on market design. He is one of the designers of kidney exchange in the United States, which helps incompatible patient-donor pairs  find kidneys for transplantation.

Kidney Industry Experts

Since 2000, Tom Mone has led OneLegacy, the largest organ recovery agency in the U.S., serving 20 million people, 200+ hospitals and 11 transplant centers. Tom has led numerous innovations at OneLegacy including the world’s largest public promotion of kidney donation, the Donate Life Rose Parade Float and LivingDonationCalifornia.org.
Our full cast includes opinion leaders from the kidney industry, living donations non-profits, science, economics, business, the arts and spiritual communities.

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Abundance Experts

Abigail Marsh is a Professor of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Cognitive Science at Georgetown University. Her research aims at the questions: How do we understand what others think and feel?  What drives us to help other people? What prevents us from harming them?  Her 2016 TED Talk relating her work to living to kidney donation exceeds two million TED.com views.

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