Non-Directed Kidney Donor Research Project

We are conducting a sociological research project on non-directed kidney donors.  There are two stages to the project, the survey stage and the research stage.  Content from this research project will be part of the unique content in Abundant.

Abundant’s Non-Directed Kidney Donor Research Project

 In her book The Fear Factor, neuroscientist Abigail Marsh, Ph.D. described her research on non-directed kidney donors, labelling them as “extreme altruists.”  Her groundbreaking research has involved interviews and brain scans with approximately 200 non-directed kidney donors.

With Abundant’s Non-Directed Kidney Donor Research Project, our production is looking at the same group, only through a sociological and historical lens.  Inspired by the New York Times Bestseller Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, our Non-Directed Kidney Donor Research Project is looking for commonalities and sociological trends that influenced the backgrounds and experience of these extreme altruists. 

The NDD survey, which is the first part of the project, is designed to give our researchers clues.  We’re looking for cultural, migratory, sociological and familial clues commonalities among survey responders.  Like Gladwell in Outliers, we will follow the breadcrumbs in search of cultural factors that make invisible influences on these extreme outliers.

Abundant’s Non-Directed Kidney Donor Research Project results will be part of the unique  content in the documentary series Abundant.   If you are a non-directed kidney donor, please join the survey today.

Instructions for Joining the Survey

There is no charge or no obligation.  Please follow these instructions to join the survey.  When we have reached a minimum of 100 non-directed kidney donors in the survey, we will begin by distributing the survey.  For some participants, this will conclude participation.

Based on survey results, a some participants may be asked to complete a second  round of survey questions.   If you agree to participate in the survey, please be prepared to answer more than one round of questions.

After joining the survey, you will be added to our Non-Directed Kidney Donor Research Project email list.  Through that email list, we will keep you informed on the progress of  the project.

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In her book, The Fear Factor, neuroscientist Abigail Marsh, Ph.D. describes non-directed kidney donors as "extreme altruists." Her groundbreaking rese...

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