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The explosive growth in subscriptions to digital platforms has made a significant impact on the distribution of non-fiction media.  With more accessible distribution, the demand for non-fiction and documentary content is at an all-time high.  Market trends indicate that growth in digital platforms subscriptions will continue well into the future, creating even greater audience potential for documentaries such as those produced by Maitri River Productions.

Why Abundant’s Message is Geared for a Large Series Audience

With a more accessible message playing on widely-used format, Abundant will expand the conversation about living kidney donation into a larger mainstream market. By framing the content through the more broad, popular concept of abundance, more viewers will be engaged to watch, as opposed to a kidney issue-specific lead-in.

Traditional communications to promote charities and philanthropic causes are focused around a visceral depiction of the person in need. This is a proven effective way to inspire giving, and most respondents do so with financial support. With living kidney donation, this model is not as effective. The decision-making process to donate a kidney is much more complex and the gift is not financial. The producers of Abundant believe that reversing the focus is the key to inspiring a larger audience to consider living kidney donation. Abundant will define the living kidney donor, how they think, what they do and who they are. In this way, individuals with similar characteristics and beliefs will see themselves in the depiction, hopefully inspiring them to consider living kidney donation.


Each episode will conclude with a pre-credits reference to find more information at CrowdSourceforLife.com, a web site specifically designed to manage an immediate surge of interest in living kidney donation. 

The web site also features the audition vidoes of all kidney patient applying to appear in Abundant.  Indexed with contact information, we offer this free benefit to kidney patients to give them a larger forum to tell their story and potentially connect with their donor.

Digital Home Entertainment

Formatted as eight half-hour episodes, Abundant is a documentary series designed to stream on subscription services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. According to the Motion Picture Association of America’s 2018 THEME report (Theatrical and Home Entertainment Market Environment), more than 70% of Americans watch television and movies via online subscription services. Digital home entertainment spending in the United States in 2018 increased 24% over 2017 to $17.5 billion. In 2018, the number of online video service subscriptions in the United States increased 17% to 186.9 million subscriptions. Also, in 2018, 496 original scripted series were aimed at United States audiences through broadcast, cable and online services. This is a 28% increase in the last five years. For these reasons, Abundant has been designed to fit into a popular, growing format on a distribution platform with a rapidly increasing audience reach.

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