How to Inspire More Living Kidney Donations

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Living kidney donation has a fundamental branding problem, and it makes finding a living kidney donor even harder than it should be for thousands of Americans.  

Like most classic branding dilemmas, neither the problem, nor the solution can be stated succinctly in a way that a mass audience can understand.  Thus, the message remains locked up in a small community, rather than expanding into a mass audience that can drive the number of donations necessary to address the problem on a large scale.  In turn, this basic communication problem makes increasing living kidney donation dramatically harder.  It’s a classic branding problem, and the producers at Maitri River Productions decided to solve it in an attempt to help save thousands of lives each year and eliminate the country’s kidney deficit.

Kidney donation experts agree that, if more people understood the issue, the U.S. would experience a large increase in living kidney donation.  Those experts are also the first to tell you that only those working in the field and those affected by kidney disease or kidney donation really understand the issue. The general idea is so complex.  Key facts require layers of explanation.  The most common descriptive word used is “altruistic” which doesn’t register with most people because it’s above a fifth grade reading level.  These classic branding issues can be overcome with the right ideas.  For now though, the status quo remains filled with so many built-in push-backs to communicating clearly about living kidney donation, that there is no brief, sticky, compelling way to engage a mass audience.  So we worked on how to “jailbreak” the living kidney donation story out into the mainstream. 

They Loved Our Idea.  You Will, Too.

Abundant, the Maitri River Productions solution, requires a disruptive, 180-degree opposite approach from the way living kidney donation is discussed now.  Many top experts and activists in the field signed on to be part of our solution in fewer than six months when we introduced the idea.  Check out the experts and activists appearing in Abundant.   We gathered a Dream Team-level cast of experts and activists to appear in Abundant because they saw this concept was different.  Here are the three main reasons why our experts and activists agreed to support and be interviewed for Abundant.

1) Abundant has broad appeal.   It’s a documentary series about abundance, not living kidney donation.  In order to appeal to  a large audience, the “hook” needs to be something most people will understand or a topic to which most people can relate.  The ideas of connection, abundance, generosity and giving are big, broad concepts.  That’s where you start with branding and it’s where Abundant first presents to a large audience.  There is no need to explain the hook.  Once we have the viewer engaged, we connect the concept of abundance to the living kidney donor issue and, now we’ve introduced a huge new audience to an exploration of the topic.  

2) It’s disruptive.  Abundant takes a new angle to approaching the subject of living kidney donation.  When the old message is not working, it’s important to try new tactics.  This is an important lesson in both business and life, so why not try it with the discussion of living kidney donation?

3) Abundant puts a face on the living kidney donor.   Abundant digs deep into why people consider the first basic ideas regarding living kidney donation.  Working with national non-profit Donor to Donor, Abundant will dig into donor stories and putting a recognizable face on living kidney donation, which will make the idea tangible for like-minded people.  This aspect of the production takes advantage of one of the great visual powers of movies and television.  It‘s a big part of the reason Abundant could cause a massive change in culture when it comes to living organ donation.

The story of Abundant is just beginning!  Follow us on social media or sign up for our email mailing list to become part of the movement.  We’ll be publishing regular updates on how the production is progressing and we want to keep you informed.

Kidney Patients: Audition for Abundant Now!

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