Kidney Patients: Audition for Abundant Now!

dialysis2 If you are seeking a kidney donor, we want to help.

The bottom line: The Abundant team wants to help as many people who need a kidney donation as possible. We're taking a cue from The Living Kidney Donors Network, a respected non-profit that helps kidney patients help themselves find a donor. LKDN's approach teaches kidney patients to create greater awareness about their need. Abundant endorses and applauds LKDN's efforts and here's how we can help.

Kidney patients: Audition Now!

Beginning on June 1, 2020, we're holding an open audition for any kidney patient waiting for a kidney donation to appear in our documentary television series, Abundant. You can apply here, right now.

We're seeking a few kidney patient's stories for the documentary series. Only a handful will be chosen for the documentary series, but everyone who auditions can benefit directly. Kidney patients who audition, with you're your permission, we'll include your audition video on CrowdSourceForLife.com, the companion web site for Abundant. You can leverage our audition process to create a high-profile tool to help you make potential first contacts that could lead to a donor.All eight episodes of Abundant will point viewers to CrowdSourceForLife.com for more content and ways to get involved.

It's free. It's easy.

There is no cost to audition or to be listed on CrowdSourceForLife.com. The audition page offers several tips on making your video. Tell your story, explain your need and ask for the help you need. Telling your story is important for both the audition and for first impressions on potential donors. A one-minute video is ideal for a concise but detailed first impression.We recommend, you speak from the heart.

Just place your video on YouTube.com or another video social medium and sharing it with us. Public or Unlisted YouTube.com videos can be shared for your audition and for CrowdSourceForLife.com. Do not email us your video. Send us only a link to the video. Here is a support page for YouTube and a support page for privacy settings to help you get started.

Don't overcomplicate this!

A video that tells people about yourself can be made using a web cam or smart phone.In this kind of moviemaking, authenticity is more important than production value. So, shoot it as best you can and post your video on a free service like YouTube or Vimeo. Share your link with us and include any social media or web site links. We'll connect it all together for you on CrowdSourceForLife.com. No charge to you.  No expectations from us. We just want to make this resource available to patients who need a kidney donation.

How CrowdSourceForLife.com can help

Many people who need a kidney donation are already using the Internet to help themselves find a kidney donor. There are Facebook pages, videos, web sites and more, all run by individuals doing the best they can.CrowdSourceForLife.com will be operated and marketed, professionally with curated resources for prospective donors who are interested in learning more. Abundant, a high-profile documentary series will direct viewers to CrowdSourceForLife.com. Being listed on CrowdSourceForLife.com can be a strong compliment to whatever a kidney patient is already doing to network to find connection to their donor.

Here's what to do:

  • 1) Make a one-minute video that tells your story.
  • 2) Post it to a social media video platform, such as YouTube.
  • 3) Copy the link (use the Share function near your video).
  • 4) Fill out this form on MaitriRiverProductions.com.
  • 5) Make sure and click the permission button on the form to add your video to CrowdSourceForLife.com.
  • 6) If you have a social media page or web site, add the links to the form.We'll add that to your profile.
  • 7) Click submit.

Kidney patients, we're thrilled to give you another tool to help you make important connections in search of your kidney donor.

Calling All Non-Directed Kidney Donors!
How to Inspire More Living Kidney Donations

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